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Black Caucus of Presbytery of the James

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From then to now...


In the late 1960's to early 1970's, the 2 Presbyterian churches came together in an effort to unify the denomination. In 1983, the Presbyterian Church mandated some "redistricting" to ensure maximum involvement by all members of the denomination. As a result, the number of synods was reduced from 22 to 16. The National Black Caucus was born out of the idea that an organization was needed to safeguard the interests of minorities within the denomination. The Black Caucus of the Presbytery of the James came into being with the Reverend Nathan Dell of Woodville Presbyterian Church serving as its first President. Reverend Dell served three (3) terms and was assisted by Reverend Warren Lesane and Reverend Willie Woodson. Almost simultaneously, the Black Caucus Study Body formed at Virginia Union to champion the same causes as the larger organization. The Black Caucus of the Presbytery of the James held its first worship service at Woodville Presbyterian Church with the Reverend Sterling Morris as guest speaker. Reverend Morris urged the membership of the Black Caucus to set aside and burn its frustrations regarding the past and that's exactly what the Black Caucus did in a symbolic, yet powerful gesture. Today, the Black Caucus of the James has 10 member churches and looks forward to championing the causes of today for the purposes of tomorrow.

Black Caucus of POJ