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Black Caucus of Presbytery of the James

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Ordination and Installation Service for Reverend Joseph Young

Sunday, July 8th at 4:00PM is the date and time for the ordination and installation for Reverend Joseph Young who will be installed as pastor of Oak Grove Presbyterian Church, Amelia, Virginia. The ordination and installation service will be held at First United Presbyterian Church, 3401 North Avenue, Richmond, Virginia.


Black History Expo to be held at First United

The Youth Ministry of First United is hosting a Black History Expo on Saturday, February 25th from 10:00am to 4:00pm. There will be health screenings, food tasting, music and dance, children's activities and alot more!! For more information and the events schedule, call 321-5374.


Annual Worship Service held at Oak Grove Presbyterian Church


On Sunday, October 30, 2005, the Black Caucus of the Presbytery of the James held its annual worship service gathering at Oak Grove Presbyterian Church in Amelia, Virginia. This annual fellowship provides an opportunity for all the member churches to come together and worship the one, and only God of us all. The speaker for the service was the Reverend Leslie Stokes, Pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church of Petersburg, Virginia. Reverend Stokes preached on the theme "Let me people go".  The scripture basis for the sermon came from Exodus 3: 7-12. We were urged to not take the winds of change lightly for we need to know that we want freedom in its totality not its partiality. Our cry that resonates throughout the denomination is " work with me.. but don't dictate to me; help me... but don't hold me". Just as in days of Moses must march on and endure knowing the race is not given to the swift but to those who endure to the end. After the service, we fellowshipped with one another on the reception provided by the Black Caucus and Oak Grove Presbyterian Church. May God continue to smile on his people where they dwell!







The annual Black Caucus cookout will be on September 17th

The 2005 version of the Black Caucus cookout will be held on Bookers Farm in Amelia County on Saturday, September 17th. Each Black Caucus member church is asked to bring the same item that they brought to last years cookout. The cookout is slated for 12 noon thru 4:00pm. Canvas your respective congregations and let's make this years cookout the best ever!!!
Check back here soon for directions and more information!


Stay up-to-date with all the Black Caucus happenings!!!

Black Caucus Christmas gathering hosted by All Souls Presbyterian Church

On Saturday, December 11, 2004, member congregations of the Black Caucus gathered at All Souls Presbyterian Church for our annual Christmas fellowship. The fellowship was opened by Black Caucus moderator, Reverend Ulysses Payne followed by a opening prayer by vice moderator, Evalyn Page. Ms. LaVerne Johnson shared a Christmas poem to get us all in the holiday spirit. After sing "Silent Night" each person was afforded the opportunity to share a testimony as to how God has been provider and sustainer for them over the past year(s). After the testamonies, Ms. Ellen Greenhill blessed the food and everyone proceeded to the refreshments table where a wonderful buffet had been prepared. Afterwards, gifts were exchanged and awards presented. Oak Grove Presbyterian Church received the award for having the most members present at the Christmas fellowship. In the announcements department, Moderator Payne informed the group that the next Black Caucus meeting will be in January (date and location to be announced). Further, he introduced Tim Duncan (from the Presbytery) who will be facilitating small church workshops in early 2005; a workshop will be held specifically for the Black Caucus. Lastly, Moderator Payne indicated that a youth component to the Black Caucus will be developed in 2005; he urged each congregation to submit the names of at least 2 or 3 youth. The fellowship ended just as it started - with a word of prayer. Thanks be unto God for a wonderful fellowship of Christian soldiers!!

Oak Grove members hold up their plaque

Let's break bread!!!

Relaxed... enjoying the moment!!

All smiles!!!

Members of Westminster look on intently!!!

The Pastors share a word!!


Annual Cookout Fellowship at Zion Hill in Amelia, County

Once again, the Zion Hill church family played host to the Annual Black Caucus Cookout celebration.  It's the one time a year when the Black Caucus member churches of the Presbyteriy of the James gather together for food, fellowship and fun. Members traveled from as far away as Chase City, VA to take part in this gathering. It was truly a blessed and enjoyable time for all. Glory be to God for His graciousness.

Reverend Young mans the grill

What a fellowship!

Let's break bread!

Catching up a bit!

God's little angels

Enjoying the moment

Upcoming Events

The date and location of the next Black Caucus meeting will be posted here soon!!!

Black Caucus News

The Black Caucus is forming a choir. If you have musical gifts, we urge you to join. News regarding the next rehearsal date and location will be posted here in the coming days!!!


The Black Caucus sends its condolences to the family of Elder James Carter who was funeralized on Tuesday, August 24th. Elder Carter was affectionately known as "Mr. Eastminster" for he was a faithful member of Easterminster Presbyterian Church and he was also very committed to the Black Caucus.
Congratulations to the Reverend Joe Young who recently graduated from Union Theological Seminary and Presbyterian School of Christian Education.  Reverend Young is pastoring at Oak Grove Presbyterian Church.

Black Caucus of POJ